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How to Choose and Where to Find Tools for Your Research Study.

Are you planning a research study and aren’t sure where to begin looking for instruments to measure the key concepts in your research plan? Are you interested in implementing an assessment tool for patients with depression, but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you unsure of how to judge whether one instrument is of higher quality than another?

How to develop journalclub

Is your institution discussing implementation of evidence-based practice? Are you a part of your institutionʼs efforts to achieve “Magnet Status”? Are you interested in improving patient outcomes? Then organizing a group of your peers to develop a journal club is a great idea! A formal journal club facilitates discussing and evaluating new research and its application to practice and improving patient care. The advantages of using a journal club are that you and your peers can keep current with new transplant knowledge, learn to evaluate the strength of the evidence, promote implementation of new knowledge into practice and improve patient outcomes.

How to locate PubMed

You have an identified a problem from your clinical practice and would like to locate the current research evidence on the topic. You have access to a computer and printer, but your institution does not have you “linked” to a medical library to access research articles. You have heard of a free website called PubMed and would like to give it a try (PubMed Fact Sheet). You are concerned because you have never used PubMed and you want to find all of the pertinent literature on your topic. This information will take you through each step of the process of using PubMed to locate your articles. Of course, you will need to read and evaluate the articles after you locate them! Letʼs begin. . .


You have just received a letter that has made your day. Your abstract has been accepted for a premier transplant nursing conference.
You plan on preparing a poster presentation, but youʼve never been involved in doing this before and you are not sure where to start.
Donʼt worry! The following steps will make it easy for you to prepare a successful poster presentation.

Write case study

If youʼve been involved in transplant nursing for some time, itʼs likely that your experiences could certainly be of value to others in your position. You may want to consider a case study presentation for an upcoming ITNS event. Even if youʼve never prepared and presented a case study before, the following information and step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to share your knowledge with your colleagues.

Writing Research Abstract

Your research study is complete and naturally you want to share the results with your colleagues. Youʼve decided that you would like to write and submit a research abstract to ITNS Symposium this year. Good for you! But youʼre worried because you have never written a research abstract and want to do a good job.